Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, are becoming more accessible, powerful, less costly and simple to code. That’s spurring a ripple of technology use alteration in a broad span of business processes and operations including some at the core of human resources division. The query at this point is not whether Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have a place in human resource but rather how fast and far they’ll widen high profile businesses like Lloyds Bank Group, and Toyota which are integrating virtual reality experience into enlisting venture.

Using Augmented reality and Virtual reality is not about outreaching technology-minded prospects or early adopters. These technologies provide brand new methods to link with job seekers especially young people who may be more at ease showing themselves in a real-time digital habitat. Furthermore, the use of a good VR company can make life easier for human resources experts too.

Virtually already employed

It’s a typical way to provide leading prospects a sentiment that they are already part of the business. This can be done by greeting them with door tags and business cards that show their projected titles and names. An Augmented reality experience can let you revive that approach for the twenty-first century by showing a prospect how the whole work area will transform when he or she joins the firm. A digital overlay may show equipment, team members, other resources and customers that will all be at the new employments beck and call.

Avatar: Showing off a firm’s character

It’s not a new notion to welcome recruits and high prospective candidates with a word from top executive or founder. But Augmented reality and Virtual reality can provide the encounter much more interactive and immediacy. Beyond merely providing recruits a film in which a camera works to present the firm head strolling through a well-lighted office room complete of productive, happy employees. Firms can produce an interactive avatar for that head.

Overlays providing background information

Using Augmented reality to hold hiring and recruiting conversations can let you put complex notions or strong brand new facts without obstructing a discussion. In any sizeable recruiting determination, components like intricate organizational graphs and internal acronyms can potentially distract or confuse a candidate. With Augmented reality, a recruiting manager may offer demonstrated overlay of crucial facts and a directed excursion of the firm’s establishment whenever a query arises both streamlining and clarifying the process.

Even examiner who does their homework on a prospect may forget crucial facts about his background at the time of discussion. An augmented reality overlay may be inserted with on-demand reminders of a prospect’s weaknesses and strengths and professed localities of interest and focus.