Lead Generation

Sales lead generation is tricky for any business because you have to have an obvious system and direction in mind for your business. Before you can even start thinking about acquiring sales leads, you need to have a concise marketing strategy that will give you maximum market exposure, generate traffic, and convert that traffic to qualified leads and eventual sales. This process involves meticulous step-by-step planning to ensure your business makes the maximum volume of lead generation sales. First of all, why is sales lead generation, whether with ZNC lead generation marketing or any other agency, so important? A robust online presence is an essential component of any successful business because let’s face it; the Internet is the first place your customers will flock to track down a product or a service. This leads nicely into the first part of successful marketing, and sales lead generation process:

Market Exposure: If you’re not readily accessible to your customers online, then guess whose services they are going to recruit? Your competitor’s. Your business needs to be made as widely available as possible to ensure that you remain a high-priority option when it comes time for your customers to begin actively searching for something they want. You want them to know about you so that you are their very first option! A business website is the first place to start. This is where you combine an engaging marketing message and sleek design elements to ensure you attract attention. Utilize as many mediums as possible to increase market exposure. Start a social media campaign, put your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; make sure you’re well exposed!

Then You Generate the Traffic: SEO, SEM, web design, social media, and online business directories are your friends here. You need the exposure to ensure your business is available, and now you need to drive people to your store, so they know you’re there. Optimizing your website and utilizing mini-sites is a great way to generate traffic. You can use SEO to make your sites show up in organic results of search engines like Google for free, or you can use SEM and pay-per-click advertising for fast results. Social media is also an excellent way to generate traffic because using multiple mediums increases your online credibility. Business directories are also advantageous because they are among the first ranked results in search engines. Used together, these tools put you directly in front of your target audience. You must ensure, however, that you direct the right message towards them. Know your ideal prospects, and market your products or services towards them. The more you know about your target audience, the more you can attract their attention and therefore increase your traffic levels.

Generate Leads: This is where you ramp things up a little. You don’t want to come off as too jargony with sales language that, let’s face it, no one enjoys, but you also don’t want to apply a wait-and-see mentality when it comes to your business marketing. So, to convert your traffic from passive viewers to engaged enquirers, appeal to their needs, it’s that simple. They have a problem, right? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be actively searching for something. So solve it for them! Offer them something that only they, as your ideal prospects, would benefit from. Maybe it’s a discount? Perhaps it’s a free marketing eBook, or the chance to win a competition. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that they will not be able to say no to. Convert them from traffic to qualified leads! This is your chance to reward them for finding your business. Here you don’t just attract their attention, you keep it and nurture it, so it results in a sale. These elements are not mutually exclusive; they must all flow on from one another and cohesively work together to deliver real results for your business. If these elements are used effectively, your business is guaranteed more sales.