Global Business Growth

Anaplan is a premier platform provider that aims at triggering a new era of linked planning, to finance global business opportunities. The Anaplan personnel is currently displaying its power to offer business solutions at Booth in the San Diego Convenient Centre. Anaplan plans to provide the solution by giving supporting to companies by introducing automated and change the strategic performance management process by linking people, data, and plans in both operations and finance departments of the world.

The most recent plan involved Anaplan training meeting a significant requirement which had high-value finance activities like sensitivity analysis, zero-based budgeting, scenario planning and probability analysis. All these practices took place at over 200 new global customers such as United laboratories, Travelodge Hotels Ltd,, Lithium, and Schneider Electric software.

Through collaboration with other foresighted customers like Deloitte, report wise and PwC, Anaplan developed 35 new additional applications to its APP Hub for the past one year. The apps are of the essence as they help the companies meet changing customer expectations, evolving business models and regulatory changes. Apps include:

IFRS 16: It’s a Report wise app that assists organizations to accomplish new lease accounting regulations.

IFRS 9 Impairment: The Accenture app enables company’s model Expected Credit Loss concerning the organization’s debt instruments following IFRS 9.

ORSA Forecasting: It’s a Deloitte app that help insurance companies create Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) activities into the organizations forecasting processes.

Transfer pricing for financial services: The app belongs to PwC and it’s very beneficial to firms that offer financial services adopt the best practices concerning transfer pricing and cost allocation. In the recent past, quite some leading finance organizations have moved to Anaplan’s solutions build plenty of reliable, dynamic and connected performing and planning management system.

Tony Levy, Head of finance solutions Anaplan said that Anaplan was in full support of its customers who demonstrated total commitment to assist minor organizations to foster business performance more efficiently through high-class reporting, analysis, and planning.

In summary, Anaplan is steering for a new phase of connected planning in business. Fast-growing and large companies and organizations maximize on the utilization of cloud platform of Anaplan in all their business practices to reach better and informed decisions through driving faster more relevant planning process.

Anaplan also offers training, support, and advisory transformation planning services. As we have seen, Anaplan company is located in San Francisco having 16 offices plus over 150 skilled partners globally with one aim of growing and developing the business world.