Hailey Baldwin is one of the latest celebrities to suffer from the social blast on Instagram. Hailey is no longer at ease with the increased criticism regarding her marriage on Instagram. The celebrity claims that the increased criticism has even affected her psychologically. The newlywed decided to share the social media drawbacks on Instagram. Hailey even decided to change her name to Hailey Bieber on Nov and has explained that she decided to take a break from social media to boost her psychological health. Hailey, 22, married Justin Bieber, her long-time on-and-off boyfriend. Unfortunately, she has received vast criticism for her decision.

Since Selena Gomez also had a romantic relationship with Bieber, her fans continue to flood Hailey’s Instagram comments section to make critical posts. Most of Selena’s fans wish that Hailey and Bieber will break up to provide Selena with another opportunity to date the brunette singer. After suffering upsetting and frustrating comments on Instagram, Hailey decided to take a break from the heated social media space to neutralise the increased negativity. Hailey has informed Vogue Arabia that she is ready to have kids and that better explains why she has decided to sound off the negative comments shared on the social media.

Hailey explains that taking a break from the social blast on Instagram is one of the best experiences for her in history. The celebrity explains that she immediately gets sad and anxious every time she decides to go back to the social media space. However, Hailey observes that Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for interacting and staying in touch with other people. She insists that she is only taking a break to cool down the negative screams she has continued to witness on Instagram. Hailey has pointed out that she is unhappy with critics who are only prepared to tear apart all positive things in her life including her relationship and job.

The celebrity also explained that it was not wise for her to allow opinions from strangers to ruin her personal life and mental health. Hailey observed that there is a need for all social media users to embrace the idea of expressing more encouragement and love. The celebrity also criticised a section of her Instagram followers for judging and tearing other people down. Hailey also observes that she is not ready to allow strangers to prevent her from enjoying life to the fullest. The celebrity observed that the world is already saturated with pain and hatred and the last thing anyone would wish to have is more division, hatred, and negativity. Hailey’s candid decision to stay away from the social media space provides the contemporary celebrities with an alternative for dealing with the social blast that often takes the social media networking platforms by storm.